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1. The Final test for Semester II will be held at 9-16th of June 2005. So, friends...Let's study hard.. So we can reach the best score.. OK? ^_^
2. You can still join our "Special Class" activity. Please just join us on Thursday, at 1.00 PM at the Japanesse Room. The most important thing is you have to speak English well, because if not, you'll be a stranger there...^_^ 
3. For National Science Olympic 2005 preparation , for all students who have passed the school selection are expected to attend the meeting which will be held on Thursday,16 June 2005 after school at the auditorium. This meeting will discuss about the regional selection preparation which will be held on June, 20, 2005
4. There will be remedies for final test for student who scored under average. For those who have under average score please see your teacher soon. Don't forget..! ^_^
5. Student's report will be handed out on June, 25, 2005. The school holiday will be started on June, 27, 2005. School starts on July, 18, 2005.


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